Led Zeppelin onboard their private plane, Starship, 1973

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Con Brio Returns to The Mint 1/13

Still looking for plans for your Friday the 13th?  I’m not much for superstition the ideal, but I am pretty in to Superstition the Stevie Wonder song, and I’m sure I’d find a few folks that agree at Friday’s funktastick Con Brio show at The Mint.  The last time I saw this San Francisco group they blew me away with grooves tighter than a champagne cork, not to mention world-class soul vocals from frontwoman Xandra Corpora.  Friday they return to the scene of the crime headlining a crazy-good night at The Mint.  The immensely talented sextet contains a few multi-instrumentalists, creating a diverse pool of instruments to choose from.  With a few trumpet blasts here, some dirty bari-sax there, the tightest of grooves and a series of powerful wails from Corpora, you’re left sore legs and a shortness of breath…because you were just getting down and you didn’t even know it.  In all honesty that’s exactly what happened to me at the Mint just about a year ago, and that’s why I’m telling you to go.  Miss a show this good and you might be looking at 13 years of bad luck ;)


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this beauty rarely happens here in LA

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my entire schooling experience….just looking out the window, except for college, no windows in the classrooms…

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This is my friend Anna Johnson. This is her first music video EVER. :) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reblog and share.

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Thirsty Thursday!!!

Thirsty Thursday!!!

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Coffee is saving me today…it pretty much makes me feel like this…

Coffee is saving me today…it pretty much makes me feel like this…

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Ty says the darndest things…

I’m tired of this double-standard with the term “slut.”  When a girl goes around sleeping with a bunch of guys she’s a slut, but when a guy does the same thing, he’s “gay.” 


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